The Xiaomi has become a well-known brand among the recently launched brands of electronic products and gadgets. It has acquired a large segment of customers in the market of electronics and gadgets. Among the other brands of smartwatches, the Xiaomi smartwatches are considered the best for its high-quality features and functionalities. These gadgets are the most-featured that is embedded with the advanced technologies excellent battery autonomy.  These smartwatches had a great deal of improvement in terms of reliability, hardware, and performance. In this article, we would discuss the best-featured smartwatches of Xiaomi which are mentioned below.

  1. Xiaomi Amazfit Bip Smartwatch

Xiaomi Amazfit Bip

This is a Bip Smartwatch that doubles as a fitness tracker and a heart rate monitor. It has GPS for the Sports Activity Router, Smart Wrist Support, and Bluetooth. It is also a waterproof smartwatch for the water-based activities. It helps the user in reducing the weight as it tracks and monitors the burnt calories. It is quite affordable and has an excellent battery life of 45 days.

  1. Xiaomi Amazfit Pace 2 Smartwatch

Xiaomi Amazfit Pace 2

This smartwatch of Xiaomi is a smart sports watch with 512MB RAM and 4GB built-in flash memory. It has features like call reminder, GPS plus GLONASS, Alipay quick payment, info push, and Bluetooth music. Along with these features, it has 3 buttons for its functionality. It has a smart appearance and a stylish look. This smartwatch can be synchronized to the Android phones.

  1. Xiaomi Amazfit Sports Bluetooth Smartwatch

Xiaomi Amazfit

It is considered one of the best smartwatches for the sports lover but is also designed carefully for stylish users. This specific version of the Xiaomi smartwatch is currently the most complete gadget. Along with the beautiful design, it has a long Bluetooth range. It consists of 512MB RAM and 4GB ROM i.e. Internal Memory. It has a reliable battery of capacity 280mAh and leaves the Xiaomi smartwatch on standby without charging for up to 5 days.

  1. Xiaomi Xiaoxun Children Smart GPS Watch

This is a smartwatch for the children with GPS activated which helps the parents in easily and quickly locating their children any time. It allows the parent to create zone alerts that help them to know the exact location of the child where they should not be or the place which is not meant for the children. This Kids smartwatch is available with a decent sized screen and with different color bands that can be worn with different colors of clothes.

  1. Xiaomi Mi Bunny MITU Children Smart GPS Watch 2

Xiaomi Mi Bunny MITU Smartwatch

This smartwatch is also designed for children who are indulged with smart activities. This is also a GPS activated smartwatch which helps the parents in easily and quickly locating their children at any point of time. It is convenient for the parents in getting in contact of their children whenever they want. It is available with bright and colorful bands and with fun graphics which is loved by all the kids.

  1. Xiaomi WeLoop Hey 3S GPS Smartwatch

Xiaomi WeLoop Hey 3S

This smartwatch of Xiaomi is a fitness tracker and widely helps in monitoring the heart rate of a user. It is the ideal gadget to be used by the fitness and sports enthusiasts. It is a waterproof device and can be synchronized with the Android phones. It is well affordable by most of the users with a moderate price range. It is an amazing smartwatch that helps the user in losing their calories.

  1. Xiaomi Amazfit A161 A1612B Pace

This is a GPS running Xiaomi smartwatch that has a black band and 5 days long battery life thus enabling the longer tracking of running distances, heart rates, paces, times, cadences, speeds, elevations, and altitudes. It can be synchronized well with the Android phone. It is sleek in design with an elegant look.

  1. Xiaomi MI Band 3

Xiaomi Band 3

This is a Xiaomi Band which can also work as a smartwatch. It has an explosion-proof design that has nano-coating, a germproof feature, and water spot resistant. It has an ultra-thin design with an only 0.3mm thickness that perfectly fits the screen. It covers the whole screen with high transparency, high definition, and easy to read the screen. It has the feature of anti-fingerprint on the screen of the smartphone.

  1. Xiaomi Amazfit Pace Smartwatch

Amazfit Pace is an amazing smartwatch with the feature of the fitness tracker. It helps the user to be fit all the time. It has built-in GPS so that it provides accurate pace and distance for the runs. It also has an IP67 waterproof design that can be weared at the time of swimming. It has a long battery life for its basic use. It features with multiple sports recorder like heart rate, track running time, cadence, pace, calories, etc.

  1. Xiaomi Mijia Smart Waterproof Smartwatch

This is a Unisex smartwatch with the Bluetooth version of 4.0 with the feature of fast pace and low consumption. It has the feature of IP67 waterproof with 1.5 inch round glass screen that shows high-resolution images. It has built-in motion-sensor, Pedometer that records every step of life. It is one of the premia looks smartwatch for the woman.

Conclusive Review

The Xiaomi smartwatches that have been discussed in details in this article are considered the best quality smartwatches in the market with the advanced technologies and features that are marketed worldwide with a moderate price range. These chinese smartwatches are quite impressive in terms of the functionalities and operations.


  1. Hey!

    I have that first one, Amazfit Bip, and I love it. My favorite thing about that smartwatch is its sleep monitoring, so I can keep track how well I sleep. Its battery life and weather weight are definitely a plus!

    Thanks for this great post!

  2. I think I will get Xiaomi Xiaoxun Children Smart GPS Watch for my little brother as he gets lost from time to time. However how is the cost efficiency of this product?


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