One of the most popular Chinese electronic manufacturing companies Xiaomi, launched Mi 3D Cinema headset. if we have look back regarding 3D headset released by Chinese companies could not be that much successful but this one is one of most talked headphones seems to have those qualities to get controlled over 3D cinema headphones market as well across the globe.

Mi 3D Cinema Headset

Apart from that you can get this device for 999 yuan ($145) if you make a deposit of between 100 yuan ($15) to 400 yuan ($58) from June 1 – June 6. On June 7 your final payment will be 999 yuan ($145).

Mi 3D Cinema Headset lenses

Xiaomi’s Mi 3D Cinema Headset fielded with two 2.54-inch 1080p screens. It comes with synchronous display technology which optimizes the synchronization of the left and right eye display. There is no require to put on additional glasses because 3D movies to be appeared more vivid spontaneously.

The Mi 3D Cinema Headset supports all devices that run iOS, Android, Windows and Mac OS. In regard to specs, the headset has 2GB of RAM and 16GB of storage, as well as a battery that can run for 3 hours of media playback.

As for pricing, the Xiaomi Mi 3D cinema headset will be at 1299 yuan, or around $188. if compare to its competitors, this is not bad enough deal. Now, need to see how this headset gets popular considering its price specially .



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