Several mobile phone manufacturing companies including Xiaomi have begun to work on under-screen camera phones. Xiaomi has tweeted informing the new technology last week, on account of the rising demand for notch-less screen phones. Oppo and Honor have also confirmed via twitter that they are also working on under-screen camera phones.

Xiaomi Under-Screen Camera Phones
Xiaomi Under-Screen Camera Phones

“Xiang has tweeted explaining features and peculiarities of under-display camera technology. The camera hides underneath the low-reflective glass that technology doubles up as a camera lens on top also. This new innovative technology is underway and almost all the companies working on as many of popular confirmed through their official Twitter handles.

Xiaomi Senior VP Wang Xiang has comprehensively detailed on how this technology will bring revolution to the mobile industry. He said,” Xiaomi’s Under-Display Camera Technology could be the ultimate solution for a Full-Screen Display coexisting with a front camera.”

“Xiaomi is currently exploring the possibility of hiding the front-facing camera under the display,” his tweet reveals. “When the selfie camera is activated, the display area over the camera lens becomes transparent in an instant, allowing light to enter.”

The technology features a small area over the 20 MP camera with a transparent display, made using high-transmittance, low-reflective glass.

“The transparent display doubles as the camera lens,” Xiaomi explained. “By allowing more light into the lens, the display-embedded camera combo is able to produce perfect selfies, clear and crisper than the pinhole camera solution when the camera is activated.

Xiaomi recently tweeted to launch its latest device Mi 9 in next 10 days on June 12.


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